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RAY-Record It is intended for record of everything that is audible through a microphone.

Record of conversations and acoustics record (that that occurs round phone), can be made for internal or external memory of phone. Record occurs, is not dependent on actions of the user. If during acoustics record the entering or proceeding call it as will be written down from first second is made.
All management of options occurs on any distance from spyphone, through SMS.
You can include record as on a certain time interval and until then memory yet will not be filled.
On a flash card, volume 2Gb it is possible to write continuously more than 2 weeks.
During record the battery is not discharged almost. It managed to achieve at the expense of optimisation of consumption of energy. During the test for phone Samsung D900, the battery as was full prior to the beginning of record so full and remained after record which proceeded in a current of 9 hours.

Advantages RAY-Record in comparison with acoustics control in mode Online:

There are no traces at the operator.
Acoustics record can proceed many hours without the appreciable category of the battery. Acoustics control in mode Online can no more to be full of 2 hours of the battery category.
Acoustics control occurs free of charge.
Lacks RAY-Record in comparison with acoustics in mode Online:

Information reception goes with a delay.
RAY-Record Is on sale only as an option to variant RAY-Bluetooth and RAY-GPRS.



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Samsung: G600, D900i, D900