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The device is intended for blocking of telephone numbers.


If it is necessary for you to eliminate the competitor, to block what that telephone number, stationary or mobile, you are able to do it, using this device.
The device works as follows:
In the menu you can set to two numbers and as to include or switch off a dialling mode.
After inclusion of a mode of dialling the device will infinitely call on set number, the release key will not be pressed yet.
If the subscriber to whom the device calls, lifts a tube – connection will be there and then broken off. And the device will begin again dialling on set number.
If a tube nobody lifts that connection after certain quantity of hooters will be dumped also number will be typed again.
If it is set two numbers on which that is necessary to dial the device after dump of connection with the first number will start to call on the second and so on a circle.
Thereby, in case of stationary telephone number, you constantly occupy a telephone line. Even if someone also can be rung out, a tube will already take nobody as it will not be clear, whether it calls the client or it is the next call of a tube – dialling programs.
Services of Moscow for blocking of phones which are specified in announcements illegally in the underground and at stops used such reception.
The firm which depends on calls of clients on such number, cannot work and will stand idle, being thus incurred by losses for the salary to employees, premise rent, on the press and sticking-up of announcements.
Thus, it is possible to block free of charge telephone numbers in other country. For example, in the Megaphone at connection on an intercity the first 3 seconds free. To the device what to dump the established connection enough one second.

In the same way it is possible to block and mobile phone number.




 Samsung E590.