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Function Change IMEI and Protection can be combined in one phone.

IMPORTANT! We now don't work with any sites as intermediaries! If you want to buy from a dealer, consult with us, are we working with this seller. Otherwise, you can buy a very old version of the program. The old program had very many vulnerabilities, and some modes worked not correctly, especially after the intervention.
If your phone to enter the MENU — Settings — Extra is the old version, and you'll be sure to update. In the new entrance to the adjustment occurs through to enter a specific code on the screen *#XXXXXXX# and only then enter the password.
In the old version of the program, even one function of change IMEI has a very serious vulnerability.
Buying a phone on the side with the old software you will not be able to update, even if the website is you promise. For example one of the sites it says «This product is a professional. No analogues in the world. This product is constantly being improved, all updates are installed free of charge. At loss for any reason this unit, we will make another.» The website sells old version of the phone and no updates they can't do in principle.
Updates happen often, and it is connected with new features interception complexes and ways of tracking phone. Now is preparing for a major update, because even this version of the phone discovered a serious security vulnerability.
That would not feed the competitors of ideas, we will not describe all that really makes our telephone in terms of protection from interception, if the settings of the new functions don't need to be explicitly specified.




Phone RAY – Change IMEI  


Phone RAY – Change IMEI is intended for protection of conversations against listening through the operator, and as from interception GSM.
The most simple way of protection against listening – to replace SIM a card about which nobody knows, and to do calls from it. But the operator, as a rule, requests unique number of the device — IMEI, and on it you will continue to identify, therefore with SIM-card change it is necessary to replace and the device.
Our device changes IMEI automatically that allows to avoid purchase of the new device at each change of a SIM-card.



The device works in three modes depending on options of the user.



1. IMEI only changes if you change your SIM card
2. IMEI varies at each call (for each request IMEI operator).
3. IMEI will change every time the device is switched on, in the future, this IMEI does not change from session to session until the next power on.
4. IMEI remains original
5. The user itself alters the IMEI on arbitrary.


Change IMEI occurs in a random way, thus the first 2 figures and as 7 and 8, remain constants.


If you have set change IMEI at each call it will vary and at sending SMS if thus the operator requests it, and at an exit in the Internet if thus the operator requests it. IMEI varies always as soon as it is requested by the operator.

To check change IMEI it is possible, visually having keyed * #06 #, it will be thus shown IMEI which has been sent to an aether in last communication session.

Use of such way of protection of conversations has one more plus – it is impossible to connect a call with you.













Siemens SL75, Siemens S65, Samsung G600, Samsung D980 Duas, Samsung S9402 Duas 



       Samsung G600                Samsung D980 Duas              Samsung S9402 Duas





       Siemens SL75                       Siemens S75