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Product RAY-Flash — «flash» with system of destruction of the information written down on it which is activated at attempt of unapproved access. With its help you can reliably protect the most important information, even in case of loss, theft or that is even worse — withdrawals «flash». You can be assured that the important data of your company or personal data do not become accessible to the third parties.
For an exception of possibility of opening given by a method and the device analysis, all data it is hardware are ciphered by the microcontroller.
RAY-Flash Does not demand to establish any software or drivers, therefore you can take it with yourselves and use on any computers.
At connection RAY-Flash to USB to the computer interface it is necessary to enter the password, which user establishes itself. If the code is entered incorrectly six times, there is an utter annihilation of the information without restoration possibility.
The password is entered on the device that does useless its interception, by means of various programs, and the most important thing does not remain any traces of the password on the computer.
There is «a password under duress», after the unitary input, all data is destroyed.
For restoration of working capacity of the device, after destruction, it is necessary to make formatting by means Windows.