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Added new modes of operation and improved modes Change IMEI and RAY Protection

Added new modes of operation and improved modes Change IMEI and RAY Protection

For the last three-four years in the options Change IMEI and RAY Protection made a lot of important fixes and new modes added:

In RAY Protection is fixed Nambe, on all models, allowing to hide your location.
Fixed a bug which resulted in this mode did not work correctly.
All who bought a RAY — Protection before, can make a free upgrade.

In the models of Samsung S9402 D980 made function of change IMEI on the second half. As with the first half implemented 4 regime change IMEI.

The Change IMEI added fifth regime change IMEI, now IMEI only changes if you change your SIM card. This mode is the most popular.

In RAY Protection detection added change encoding not only during the call and send SMS but in time, when the phone is in standby mode but im trying to manipulate the complex.

To change the login function in the settings mode. Now in the usual menu of that input no. Go to the settings can only knowing the password. This is done to a stranger could not understand that the phone has additional functions.

In the function RAY — Protection considerably improved the existing regimes. For example mode Ping Call the likelihood of false positives.

A very important change in the mode Change IMEI was resolved often the error associated with the fact that in certain conditions the operator transferred native phone IMEI перерь it does not occur under any circumstances.

Fixed a bug with the loss of network Change IMEI and Protection. Earlier during phone operation he quickly lost network, most often it manifested itself during the movement, while standing this arose after 5-10 minutes. Everyone who bought our phones strongly recommend you to update the firmware, all updates are free.

Added a new and very important mode when the unit defines the range of reduction of the number of channels that it sees.

Modified mode check IMEI which was issued to the operator. Now the combination *#06# you will see native IMEI of the phone, and the IMEI that was sent to the operator looks for another combination of digits. This is done that would stranger who scored all the known combination on телефне *#06# seen the same IMEI as under the battery and could not understand that the phone has additional functions.

How to distinguish the updated version from the old, being sold by other sellers:

If your phone to enter the MENU — Settings — Extra is the old version, and you'll be sure to update. In the new entrance to the adjustment occurs through to enter a specific code on the screen *#XXXXXXX# and only then enter the password and you can get into the settings MENU.

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08.03.2022 01:20:20

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Вице-премьер России Александр Новак предупредил, что Москва имеет полное право зеркально запретить прокачку газа через «Северный поток-1» в ответ на санкции по отношению к «Северному потоку-2». По его словам, Москва бы могла в связи с необоснованными обвинениями в свой адрес и запретом в отношении «Северного потока-2» наложить эмбарго на прокачку газа по «Северному потоку-1».
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