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Function Change IMEI and Protection can be combined in one phone.

IMPORTANT! We now don't work with any sites as intermediaries! If you want to buy from a dealer, consult with us, are we working with this seller. Otherwise, you can buy a very old version of the program. The old program had very many vulnerabilities, and some modes worked not correctly, especially after the intervention.
If your phone to enter the MENU — Settings — Extra is the old version, and you'll be sure to update. In the new entrance to the adjustment occurs through to enter a specific code on the screen *#XXXXXXX# and only then enter the password.
In the old version of the program, even one function of change IMEI has a very serious vulnerability.
Buying a phone on the side with the old software you will not be able to update, even if the website is you promise. For example one of the sites it says «This product is a professional. No analogues in the world. This product is constantly being improved, all updates are installed free of charge. At loss for any reason this unit, we will make another.» The website sells old version of the phone and no updates they can't do in principle.
Updates happen often, and it is connected with new features interception complexes and ways of tracking phone. Now is preparing for a major update, because even this version of the phone discovered a serious security vulnerability.
That would not feed the competitors of ideas, we will not describe all that really makes our telephone in terms of protection from interception, if the settings of the new functions don't need to be explicitly specified.


Phone RAY — Protection  


Telephone RAY — Protection — a unique device has no analogues in the world.
Is intended for protection and alert the user to phone tapping.

The phone contains the following functions:

A5 profiles — alert encryption algorithm
CallPing — protection against attacks on the phone in the form of hidden calls
SMSping — detection of the attack with the help of silent SMS
Scan detector  — detection lowering encryption when a user does not take active actions
Channels lock — to use your phone with a remote base stations.
Alerts — select the alarm for the event
Show TIMSI — display TIMSI on the screen of the phone
Clear the call log — delete a call information from the phone
One channel — determining the presence of a single channel in the network
LAC changed — the definition of a change LAC
Recording — automatic recording of conversations in the folder closed with a password.
Reset settings — reset in featured, automatic filling profiles for Moscow operators
Information — information about the application version number


Phone RAY — Protection — the unique device which does not have analogues. It is intended for protection and the prevention of the user of phone from prowhispers.

The device it is guaranteed will warn from hit in an operative range of false base station, during a call. Not important what firm — the manufacturer of such complex and as it is no important on the basis of what such complex is made.

The device will warn the user from attack to its device — Pinging

The device will allow the user to be protected not only from active and semiactive complexes but also from passive, to find out which not probably.

The device will warn about hit in an operative range of the majority of active complexes still before as the call will be made.

The device will allow to hide a site of the owner of phone.


The buyer will receive more detailed information before purchase. In video a roller all functions of the device are shown not.


With occurrence in the market of «active» systems of interception of conversation in system GSM, nobody can be insured from listening of its conversation by the third parties. And often such systems use criminal or nearby criminal structures. To find out such intervention it is not possible. «The active» complex of interception works as follows: In radius approximately 500 metres from controllable phone, settle down «active» system of interception. After that the signal of base station is suppressed. Phone loses a network and at attempt to find base station – finds stronger signal of the false base station which role executes «an active» complex of interception. Thus the present base station sees an interception complex as though it is usual phone. 
«The active» complex of interception forces to work phone in a mode when there is possible a conversation interception, i.e. a complex or lowers level криптозащиты, or switches off it absolutely. Thus the user of phone cannot find out conversation interception, on phone screen there is no badge when stronger algorithm А5.1 has been replaced with weaker А5.2.
Our device is created for protection against above described situations.


The information
There are 3 types of coding in communications GSM:

— A5/1 — the standard coding which has been carried out in the majority of the European countries, Russia, the USA, Canada.
— A5/2 – the weakened coding which mainly has been carried out in the countries of Latin America, Africa and the Near East.
— A5/0 – or not ciphered communications.


Association of properties of phone RAY – Protection and phone with change IMEI in one device is possible.











   Samsung S9402 DUAS        Samsung D980 DUAS              Samsung G600

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