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The complex RAY — Bluetooth is made on the basis of phones Samsung, Nokia OS Symbian 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, Anna, Bella

Work principle spyphone same, it is not dependent on what it it is executed, therefore we offer the description of work for RAY — Bluetooth on the basis of devices Samsung.


Complex RAY — Bluetooth on the basis of Samsung

The complex RAY — Bluetooth is unique on the set of functions, and is intended for prowhispers of all information passing through phone.

Complex RAY — Bluetooth will allow to receive the following information:

1. Entering and proceeding conversations.
2. Entering and proceeding SMS.
3. An approximate site, to within ID honeycombs.
4. Notebooks SIM of a card and phone


Attention! For prowhispers of conversations there is no necessity all time to be in an operative range bluetooth as all information is written for internal memory of phone and can be copied at any convenient time.

Data recording:


Record of all information goes for internal memory of phone or on a flash card. The memory choice occurs on any distance from spyphone and is imperceptible for the user, through SMS.

Files with the received information are written is reserved and are not accessible to the user of the device to viewing. Files not probably to see not only on phone, but also on the computer, for example through program Samsung PC Studio which goes complete with phone.
In a name of the written down files number, a direction, date and time of a call or SMS are specified.




Activation bluetooth on controllable phone is possible in two ways:

1. By sending SMS with instructions to activate bluetooth. SMS is accepted by the device silently. Bluetooth it will be active, while you do not switch off him by means of another command SMS or while the user himself will not decide to take advantage bluetooth.
2. It is possible to program controllable phone through SMS on such mode when phone will be imperceptible for activating bluetooth with the set periodicity on the set interval of time. It is made for this purpose that at the operator would not be noted any traces prowhispers.
Procedure of reception of files following – to approach to controllable phone on distance at which work bluetooth is possible, usually it is 10 metres of direct visibility, and in supervising phone, in the list of accessible devices to choose controllable phone. If it is not present in the list it is necessary to make NEW SEARCH. After a choice of phone from the list your device will ask to enter the password which is set at phone manufacturing, you enter it and get access to folders on controllable phone. In particular and to confidential files about conversations and SMS. Thus you can download from phone of the spy and other information, for example a photo or video files even if they небыли are marked by the user as accessible to transfer on bluetooth.
After swapping confidential files are automatically erased. All procedure of an establishment of communication of controllable phone on bluetooth occurs to your device absolutely imperceptibly, for example the user of controllable phone can press, come at this time something into notebooks and as to make or accept calls. Work bluetooth is completely parallel to actions of the user. 
Management of functions spyphone occurs on any distance, through SMS. You can include and disconnect record of conversations, SMS, or an approximate site.


Advantages of interception of the information in this mode concerning mode Online:
1. An information prowhisper it is not displayed in detailed elaboration, at the operator.
2. There are no unmasking signs during connection to conversation, it is a signal «BIP» in the device at the interlocutor, this switching-off dynamics during conversation on controllable phone and other which cannot be cleaned as it depends on work of the operator.
3. The guaranteed interception, in mode Online if you have not received on what that to reasons SMS about the beginning of conversation that you it lose, if conversation was short that too the probability it is high to pass.
4. The Conversation recording begins from first second, in mode Online the conversation beginning is lost, and loss time depends on speed of reception by you SMS about the conversation beginning.
5. There is no dependence on options of the user and on inclusion or deenergizing of services by the operator. In this verification mode of the information it is not necessary to worry about, whether service of deduction of a call, коференция communications or number definition is included. To us it is not important, as number is defined and whether it is defined in general.
6. The information control can be absolutely free.
7. Safety of the control since work bluetooth is not fixed.
1. Small distance between supervising and supervised by phones for an exchange of the written down information.
2. Reception of the written down information with a delay.

Record of one hour of conversation occupies 5.6 Mb! And its transfer on bluetooth occupies only 2.5 minutes!

If record goes for internal memory that it is possible to write till 9 o'clock conversations, if on external that for example at a card in 2Гб. Record can go continuously more than two weeks!

If it is necessary, the device will inform you on that that there was a critical value of free memory and as about that that record is stopped if remains 2Мб.

You can learn what memory is used for record at present, how many files are written down and how many remains to free memory.

At desire you can дистанционно erase all files, having released memory for new record.


Models Samsung:

S9402, G600, D900i, D900, D500, D600, Е730, E820, Х700, X100, E500, E200



        Samsung D600                   Samsung E820                           Samsung E200




    Samsung X700                    Samsung D900                   Samsung D500




     Samsung E730                   Samsung E500                        Samsung G600









RAY — Bluetooth on the basis of Nokia OS Symbian 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, Anna, Bella:


In RAY — Bluetooth on the basis of Symbian besides other functions, reading of notebooks and as the device itself is the initiator of transfer of the saved up information is realised. Work occurs so — you send command SMS on which joins bluetooth and the controllable device itself searches and transfers files on the necessary device. It is convenient that you can periodically read out the information on other device, thus being from both devices somehow far. It would be necessary just one device from another, was on work distance bluetooth.

 Nokia: 808, N97, 5800 xpressmusic,  N96, N95-8, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N91, N81-8, N80, N77, N76, N75, N73, E90, E70, E66, E65, E62, E61i, E61, E60, E50, 6290, 6110, 5500, 3250

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