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Spyphone RAY — GPRS is made on the basis of phones Samsung, Nokia OS Symbian 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4,Anna, Bella


Work principle spyphone executed on different models same, therefore we offer the description of work for RAY — GPRS on the basis of phones Samsung.


The complex RAY — GPRS is unique on the set of functions, and is intended for mobile phone prowhispers.

Spyphone RAY — GPRS will allow to hear to a mobile phone and to receive the following information:

1. Entering and proceeding conversations.
2. Entering and proceeding SMS.
3. An approximate site, to within ID honeycombs.
4. Notebooks SIM of a card and phone


Adjustment of phone of the spy is made on any distance from phone, are completely invisible to the user and do not depend on its actions. 




Attention! Acoustics control in a mode of real time, a variant RAY — GPRS does not support!

Data recording:


Record of all information goes for internal memory spyphone. Files with the received information are written is reserved and are not accessible to the user of the device to viewing.
Files not probably to see not only on phone, but also on the computer, for example through program Samsung PC Studio which goes complete with phone.
In a name of the written down files number, a direction, date and time of a call or SMS are specified.
Files are written both for internal memory of phone, and on an external flash card. The user himself, through SMS a command chooses where to write the information.

Sending of files on e-mail occurs in two modes: on command in SMS, or automatically right after conversation.
After transfer, confidential files can automatically be erased or on command in SMS.
Management of functions occurs on any distance, through SMS. You can include and disconnect record of conversations or SMS in memory as you can force to copy the device notebooks of phone and SIM cards for internal memory pyphone, in a confidential folder, for the subsequent transfer on e-mail. As it is possible to include a mode when phone the spy will write a place of the position, to within ID honeycombs.

Sending written down and entering \proceeding SMS occurs to conversations on GPRS imperceptibly for the user of controllable phone, for example, the user of controllable phone can press, come at this time something into notebooks and as to make calls. The file transfer on GPRS is parallel to actions of the user.


Advantages of interception of the information in this mode concerning mode Online:

1. There are no unmasking signs during time in conversation, it is a signal «Biip» in the device at the interlocutor, this switching-off dynamics during conversation on controllable phone and other signs which cannot be cleaned as it depends on work of the operator.
2. The guaranteed interception, in mode Online if you have not received on what that to reasons SMS about the beginning of conversation that you it lose, if conversation was short that too the probability it is high to pass.
3. The Conversation recording begins from first second, in mode Online the conversation beginning is lost, and loss time depends on speed of reception by you SMS about the conversation beginning.
4. There is no dependence on inclusion or deenergizing by the operator of such telecommunication service as line deduction, a conference – communications or number definitions
5. Cost prowhispers mobile more low, than in RAY-Online.



1. The information transfer is displayed in detailed elaboration, at the operator.
2. Reception of the written down information can be with a small delay.


Models Samsung:

S9402, G600, D900i, D900, D500, D600, 730, E820, 700, X100, E500, E200



    Samsung D600              Samsung E820                          Samsung E200



     Samsung X700               Samsung D900                Samsung D500



    Samsung E730              Samsung E500                      Samsung G600




Models Nokia:

Nokia: 808, ORO, N97, 5800 xpressmusic, N96, N95-8, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N91, N82, N81-8, N80, N77, N76, N75, N73, E90, E70, E66, E65, E62, E61i, E61, E60, E51, E50, 6290, 6110, 5500, 3250