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Products RAY, which we represent, are original and have no analogues.

Spyphone RAY allows:
remotely listen to your conversations to a third party with your permission
record your calls in real time on your remote computer
allows you to write your conversations on the internal memory and then transfer them to your remote computer
send copies of SMS to your remote computer to listen to the sounds around the machine and much more.

Ray — Change IMEI (phone with automatic change of IMEI) will protect the talks from remote listening to a mobile phone through the operator. Wiretapping you will protect and program cryptophone presented on our website.

RAY — Protection — protects from listening to a mobile phone through all kinds of complexes interception of GSM (interceptor). The gsm interceptor can be both active and passive.

Substitution of non — service which will allow you to have additional protection against eavesdropping with functions Ray-Change IMEI and Ray Protection.

Protected stick —  with them you can be 100% sure that information with them, nobody can read it.